Pricing & Discounts

Standard Pricing

  • Beta Reading & Analysis = $0.005 per word
  • Comprehensive Line Edit = $0.025 per word
  • Copy Editing & Proofreading = $0.015 per word

A $99 retainer is due upon contract agreement & slot scheduling. The time slot allocated for your book will be reserved for you. If you cancel in less than 30 days from the reserved time, the retainer will not be refunded, and will be considered a cancellation fee of $99.00. If you reschedule instead, the retainer will be held and the fee be waived.

The remainder of the first half of the total (less the $99) will be due no later than one calendar day before the start of your project. When your project has reached the halfway point, you will receive the first half of the raw edits. Once you give your approval to complete the second half of the project, the editor will continue through the second half. Upon completion and sending of the final files, your invoice will be sent containing your bill for the last half.

Refunds are not given for completed work.

Discounts for Repeat Customers

Repeat customers automatically receive a 25% discount on future editing services.

Example savings, based on a 70,000 word book:

Purchase 1: Beta reading @ $0.005 = $350  (Discount in affect for future purchases)

Purchase 2: Line Edit @ $0.025 = $1750 – 25% = $1312.50 (Save $437.50)

Purchase 3: Copy Edit @ $0.015 = $1050 – 25% = $787.50 (Save $262.50)

You aren’t required to purchase the edits in this order, one purchase of any kind is enough to trigger the 25% discount.

0 %
Off Future Purchases

"Pay As You Go" Option

Can’t afford to pay for everything at once, but don’t want to set up a payment plan? This might be a good option. 

Unlike some editors who will only accept full and complete works, we will take your work chapter by chapter. This allows you to get editing done as you can afford it, and you don’t need any special requests to set this up. Simply select the appropriate option in the contact page when asked whether it is a complete work or a partial.

While it is a good option, there is a drawback to this plan that the full payment option doesn’t have. The method of submitting in pieces means that the editor cannot include significant consistency checking or plot problems because they are only focusing on the chapters submitted. They cannot be expected to remember the details from a previous book project, months later.

One solution to this problem might be to hire us (at the return discount) to do a beta read on the final version. We could use that time to look for those issues specifically.

Pay As You Go
Amount Edited 65%

Payment Plan Options

PayPal offers a non-credit card based line of credit to its customers. You can apply online and get instant approval. If you are approved for credit, you can use your credit to pay for purchase, including editing services.

You then pay off that purchase to PayPal in monthly payments.

Lear more about that service by going to the PayPal website for PayPal Credit.