Services Available

Beta Reading & Analysis (Stage 1 Editing)

We offer this instead of full content editing, because most writers cannot afford content editing. Traditional content editing averages about 8 cents per word, which means a 70,000 word book would cost $5600!

Our beta reading and analysis service is a much less intensive version of content editing, and you get it at a much cheaper price ($0.005 per word). For the same 70,000 word book, this service would only cost $350. (Read more about pricing & discounts.)

This editing generally tries to stick to problem areas we encounter & overall impressions. While reading the book, we make notes in the text. For example, a note might say something like “had to re-read this three times to understand,” or “I can’t visualize what’s happening here,” or perhaps “this makes me really dislike this character.” If a page doesn’t have problems, it may not have notes.

In addition to in-book notes, your evaluation price includes one specific question answered every 2000 words. For example, a 70,000 word book would include 35 questions you can ask. You can put all the questions at the end, or you can place them in the text to get feedback based on a specific story point in the book.

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